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Delivering Directions 2031 – Report Card 2014

The Delivering Directions Report Card provides a progress report to inform the West Australian Government and the broader community about the effectiveness of state and local government and the development industry to deliver a metropolitan-wide program of planning and development initiatives to achieve the outcomes sought by Directions 2031.

The 2014 Report Card is the third snapshot of the progress of a program of planning and development initiatives being delivered by the state and local governments. The report cards follow the release of the government's strategic plan for the Perth and Peel regions – Directions 2031 and beyond – in August 2010.

Cover of Delivering Directions 2031 - Report Card 2014

According to Planning Minister John Day, some key positive trends noted since 2013 are:

  • An increase in gross urban zone dwelling density across Perth and Peel of 4.5 per cent;
  • A continuing decrease in residential lot sizes;
  • The stability of overall housing affordability;
  • An increase in residential densities in all activity centres;
  • A significant increase in tourist accommodation (hotel) developments within the Perth area; and
  • The continued adequate supply of zoned undeveloped land in Perth and Peel to cater for future growth for more than 35 years.

Title: Delivering Directions 2031 – Report Card 2014

Published by: Western Australian Planning Commission

Date: December 2014

Available from: Western Australian Planning Commission at <http://www.planning.wa.gov.au/publications/6508.asp>

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