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'What Perth Wants' – Community attitudes towards housing choice and future development

This research was commissioned by the Conservation Council of Western Australia and multi-residential property developer Psaros – working in partnership with the Property Council of Australia – to understand community attitudes towards housing choice and the future development of Perth city and its surrounds. 

A total of 542 respondents living within a 10-kilometre range of the Perth CBD, including its inner urban suburbs, participated in an online research panel for the quantitative research stage. This was followed by a qualitative research stage involving focus groups selected from within the group of research panel respondents. The research was undertaken by social research provider Ipsos during June and July 2014.

Main findings:

There is very strong support for more medium & higher density apartment-style developments around transport hubs (71% support) and in inner areas (68% support).

The top three priorities for Perth's future are;

  • An increase in public transport (train, light rail, buses) (95% support);
  • More eco-friendly buildings that generate their own power, collect rainwater and use less energy (89% support); and
  • Well-designed, safer bike paths to get to work and other places (86% support).
Cover of 'What Perth Wants'

The most appropriate housing types for Perth city are:

  • A mix of mid-sized apartments, townhouses & retail / cafés (like Leederville and Northbridge) (79% support); and
  • A mix of high-rise, town houses and parks (Like South Perth) (71% support).

Over half of residents (55%) would support increased building height limits to allow for higher density around transport links and 50% would support relaxing building height limits if developments are eco-friendly.

The majority of respondents (73%) do not believe that the benefits of a separate house and garden outweigh the benefits of inner city living.

The majority of respondents (69%) do not consider low density living in detached single housing to be a more affordable option .

Perceived benefits of apartment living include:

  • Easier to maintain (71% agree, 8% disagree);
  • Reduce the need for land clearing (70% agree, 8% disagree);
  • Lower environmental impact than detached housing (54% agree, 17% disagree);
  • Save on energy costs (44% agree, 15% disagree); and
  • Save on car running costs (42% agree, 23% disagree).

3 in 5 inner city residents are likely to move house in the next 5 years; 73% would consider living in medium density housing and 50% in higher density housing.

Title: What Perth Wants

Commissioned by: Conservation Council of Western Australia and multi-residential property developer Psaros, in partnership with the Property Council of Australia.

Date: December 2014

Available from: Conservation Council of Western Australia at <http://ccwa.org.au/whatperthwants>

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