Victorian Planning Permit Activity Annual Report: 2014-15

THIS is the twelfth annual report on planning permit activity in Victoria. A detailed summary of statistical information for the 2014-15 financial year, the data is provided by the 79 local government authorities, the Minister for Planning and the Victorian Civil and Administration Tribunal.

Above: Melbourne / by John Christian Fjellestad.

This annual report covers information for the state aggregated and consistently presented at three levels:

  • state;
  • metropolitan Melbourne and rural/regional Victoria; and
  • three metropolitan and three rural/regional subregion

The information in this annual report includes:

  • the number of permit applications received and decided;
  • the number of permit applications reviewed at VCAT;
  • the estimated cost of works for permits issued;
  • the value of fees for applications received;
  • the time to process permits and the number processed within sixty days;
  • the number of permits that required further information requests, public notice, referral or involved submissions;
  • the number of permits by category;
  • changes in land use; and
  • comparison information with previous years and across schemes.

Title: Planning Permit Activity Annual Report: 2014-15

Date: January 2016

Available from: Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning website at <>.

Note from Urbanalyst: The above summary is sourced directly from the document and/or accompanying documentation. Aside from minor editorial modifications, the information is presented as-is.

Photo: Melbourne / John Christian Fjellestad / Licensed under Creative Commons BY 2.0.

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