City in a Park - A plan for greening Central Geelong

'City in a Park' is a vision for how the 'Greening Geelong' initiative of the Central Geelong Action Plan can be implemented by improving streets and key public spaces in the City Centre.

It builds upon the Malop Street green spine concept, which will link Johnstone Park to Eastern Park, but importantly expands the network of green spaces across the central city area to create 'A City in a Park'.

Enhancing the look and feel of Geelong is a key driver for improving its amenity and liveability. By delivering a series of street upgrades and greening projects, the project aims to create an environment that supports residential living and business growth, enabling us to achieve the goal of more people in the city, more of the time.

City in a Park

By creating a 'City in a Park', the following benefits are expected:

  • More efficient traffic flows around the CBD,
  • Safer streets for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists,
  • Improved city amenity, with beautified streets and reduced noise levels,
  • More shade in summer throughout the city's streets,
  • The creation of 2.3 hectares of public parkland or pedestrian space which improves the physical environment for people, birds and animals,
  • More efficient stormwater management, with new underground drainage and storage areas,
  • Encouraging people to live in the city,
  • Creating a better business environment, and creating a place that more people want to visit and stay in for more of the time.

A 'City in a Park' was undertaken by Professor Rob Adams (City of Melbourne) and Steve Thorne (Design Urban), enabling City of Greater Geelong to tap into knowledge of the lessons learned from Melbourne's hugely successful revitalisation.

Title: City in a Park

Undertaken by: Professor Rob Adams and Steve Thorne

Produced for: City of Greater Geelong

Date: May 2015

Available from: City of Greater Geelong website at <> or directly from this link (PDF: 14.96MB).

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