State of Australian Cities 2014–2015

Since 2010, the State of Australian Cities reports have examined the progress being made in our major cities. These reports have provided insight into the vital role that Australian cities play in the growth of our economy and have tracked the overall progress made in Australia's major centres. The State of Australian Cities 2014–2015 once again looks at the drivers behind some of the public policy issues facing the country today and into the future.

State of Australian Cities 2014-2015

Australia is a highly urbanised country. The populations of Australia's major cities are at record levels, as is the number of people employed. It is in our cities that the overwhelming majority of jobs are located and where the most new jobs are being created. The economic output of our major cities has grown and their national importance remains extremely high.

However, alongside that growth there is more demand on transport systems in Australia than ever before. This report examines population growth, economic growth and the increased traffic flows through our ports and airports and on our roads and rail lines.

Issues of space and the potential conflicts of the usability of cities with the utility and long term capacity of freight hubs, ports and airports and the movement of goods and people in cities is a challenge for policy makers. This report provides the evidence base for policy makers at all levels of government to consider those challenges now and into the future.

Title: State of Australian Cities 2014–2015

Date: July 2015

Published by: Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Available fromDepartment of Infrastructure and Regional Development website at <https://infrastructure.gov.au/infrastructure/pab/soac/index.aspx> or directly from this link (PDF: 6.40 MB).

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