Progress in Australian Regions: State of Regional Australia 2015

State of Regional Australia—2015 uses data from its companion publication Progress in Australian Regions—Yearbook 2014 to illustrate the trends and patterns of economic and social progress in regional Australia.

State of Regional Australia 2015

Regional progress cannot be measured by a single dimension. Only through considering a combination of demography, wealth, income, industry structure, social issues and infrastructure availability can we fully understand how regions are progressing and growing.

Understanding a region can inform investment decisions to help maximise each regions' potential and harness the opportunities associated with each region's own unique advantages.

State of Regional Australia 2015 includes a number of case studies to demonstrate the different aspects of this variation and how they have changed over time. The report analyses data pertaining to regional Australia and includes chapters on demographics, economics, structural change, social progress and infrastructure.

The report also shows that infrastructure continues to support regional Australian economies by promoting the efficient flow of people and resources while also providing regional Australians with access to essential services such as education and health.

Title: Progress in Australian Regions: State of Regional Australia 2015

Date: July 2015

Published by: Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Available from: Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development website at <> or directly from this link (PDF: 13.71 MB).

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