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East Wanneroo land earmarked for future development

THE West Australian Government last week announced plans to amend the Metropolitan Region Scheme to allow a 2,206-hectare area of land in East Wanneroo to be rezoned from Rural to Urban Deferred.

Planning Minister Rita Saffioti has approved the amendment and it is now subject to Parliamentary processes.

East Wanneroo Structure Plan
Above: The proposed rezoning builds on the East Wanneroo Structure Plan released in 2011 / WA Government.

"The amendment was advertised for three months, attracting significant feedback that was all considered by the Western Australian Planning Commission in making its recommendations to me as the Minister for Planning," Ms Saffioti said.

"The ability to develop land under fragmented ownership in an orderly way, improving certainty for landowners and equitably sharing costs, is a priority for the Government.

The proposed Urban Deferred zone will facilitate future residential development, schools, commercial centres, public open space and conservation areas in accordance with the proposed new East Wanneroo District Structure Plan.

Before the land is zoned Urban, rather than Urban Deferred, a range of requirements will be addressed, including the preparation of a new District Structure Plan.

The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage is developing the structure plan for the broader area to ensure that landowners are given greater certainty, and the many challenges the area faces are addressed.

The District Structure Plan will guide future planning of the locality and the co-ordinate infrastructure and future land uses. This is particularly important given the fragmented land ownership of the area.

A community reference group will also be established to ensure the views of local residents and landowners are heard, and the issues and opportunities identified by the community are properly understood.

Future Metropolitan Region Scheme amendments will also be required to reserve regional requirements such as roads, schools and for other areas identified for future urban or industrial purposes.

While the Environmental Protection Authority determined proposed amendment did not require formal assessment under the Environmental Protection Act 1986, environmental matters will be further considered in subsequent planning stages.

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