Report released following first round of consultation on development of the Westport: Ports and Environs Strategy

THE Westport Taskforce last week released the consultation report 'Westport: What you have told us', which outlines the community feedback received during the first round of consultation on the development of the Westport: Ports and Environs Strategy.

The Strategy will provide guidance to the government on the planning, development and growth of the Port of Fremantle at the Inner and Outer Harbours, the required rail and road networks, and the potential for the Port of Bunbury to contribute to the handling of the growing trade task.

The consultation report outlines the feedback provided via hundreds of responses and how this information will help shape the approach in which the plan for Western Australia's freight, trade and logistics needs will be developed.

Based on the feedback, Westport has identified 10 packages of research categories that will be pursued for the Westport Strategy. These include factors relating to future port facilities such as location, size, operating model and timing.

Other outcomes of the consultation period include:

  • Widening the scope of the strategy to include a review of world's best practice governance of port facilities;
  • Adding questions to the project methodology that define key themes identified during the consultation period as integral to the strategy development;
  • Developing a discussion paper explaining why Cockburn Sound has been identified as a potential location for additional port facilities;
  • Adding an indigenous heritage representative to the Westport Taskforce Reference Group; and
  • Having an innovation and technology specialist within the Westport Project Office.
Westport: What you have told us

The next phase of public consultation on the Westport Strategy will take place later this year in conjunction with the release of a discussion paper, which will outline the findings to date and seek feedback on how options should be prioritised.

More information about the 'Westport: What you have told us' consultation report is available from the Department of Transport website at <https://www.transport.wa.gov.au/projects/westport-port-and-environs-strategy.asp>.

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