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New online mapping system provides interactive planning data for WA

AN online mapping tool that allows anyone to access planning data for any parcel of land in Western Australia has been made publicly available by the State Government.

Speaking at the Planning Institute of Australia's state conference last week, Planning Minister Donna Faragher launched PlanWA – an online interactive map that gives users access to the latest spatial planning information.

PlanWA banner
Above: PlanWA banner / Department of Planning.

"PlanWA is a user-friendly website that helps simplify the planning system, allowing industry, local government stakeholders or any property owner to access relevant planning schemes and policies online," Ms Faragher said.

"Having information such as zoning and residential density codes can help them make more informed decisions, particularly in relation to any future development that may or may not be able to occur in an area."

Users can search places of interest, enquire about specific pieces of land, access planning policies and information, tailor maps for their own use and connect to aerial imagery.

The Minister said about 100 local governments did not have an online mapping system for planning purposes and PlanWA would be beneficial.

"Those local government authorities which don't have a mapping system on their websites will now be able to access this online resource to assist with planning for their local areas and provide more information to their communities," she said.

PlanWA uses data from the Western Australian Whole of Government Open Data Policy and Shared Location Information Platform and will be regularly updated.

The new site can be accessed via the Department of Planning and Western Australian Planning Commission website at <http://www.planning.wa.gov.au/>.

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