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WA Planning Commission releases draft Liveable Neighbourhoods policy document

WA Planning Minister John Day last week announced the release of the Western Australian Planning Commission's (WAPC) revised draft Liveable Neighbourhoods policy, which he said will guide the design of future communities in Perth and Peel and regional centres across the State.

The draft policy, which will replace the current WAPC development control policies, aims to create more functional, compact, healthier communities with a greater focus on walking, cycling and public transport has been released for public comment.

Draft Liveable Neighbourhoods 2015

"As we move towards accommodating 3.5 million people across Perth and Peel by 2050, it is important we have all of the supporting frameworks in place," Mr Day said.

"The draft Liveable Neighbourhoods policy provides direction to developers and local governments when undertaking structure plans and subdivisions to establish new developments.

"The draft policy ensures new suburbs and communities have parks, interconnected pedestrian and cycle friendly streets, appropriate housing density and diversity, and mixed use development with employment opportunities. The draft policy even ensures enough space is factored in for street lights and utilities."

The revised policy takes into account six key areas that are essential to the formation of a liveable neighbourhood. These six key areas are community design, movement network, activity centres, lot design, public open space and education.

"Liveable neighbourhoods that are sustainable, safe, accessible and attractive are shaped by careful planning and good design," he said. "These neighbourhoods are formed through a network of interconnected, pedestrian-friendly streets, linked with public open space and facilities that meet the recreational, social and health needs of existing and future communities," Mr Day said.

"This draft policy reflects the changing community needs in Perth and Peel. The draft policy provides an innovative template to create vibrant, liveable communities that are underpinned by sound planning principles and site-responsive design."

The Draft Liveable Neighbourhoods 2015 policy document is available from the Department of Planning website at <http://www.planning.wa.gov.au/Liveable-neighbourhoods.asp>. Submissions are due by 13 November 2015.

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