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WA Government seeks wi-fi on public transport

THE West Australia Government has moved one step closer to providing free wi-fi on public transport, with the Public Transport Authority starting a formal consultation process for the provision of internet services on buses, trains and stations.

In a statement last week, Transport Minister Dean Nalder said a trial would involve trains and buses travelling through a wide range of suburbs plus the central Perth train stations and bus ports.

Train arriving at Esplanade Station, Perth
Above: Train arriving at Esplanade Station, Perth / by Robert Howie.

"We live in a highly connected community. We use online services to shop, bank and chat with our friends and families. Governments need to respond to the community's preference for greater flexibility, quick access to information and easier transactions. This is part of our strategy to deliver provide a better customer service for passengers," Mr Nalder said.

The Minister said a number of companies had approached the Government, including some who offered to provide services for free, in exchange for advertising revenue.

Transperth's commuter lines account for more than 63 million passenger trips each year.

"I am confident we already have the best public transport system in the country, but it is important we stay ahead of the curve and look at ways we can improve," Mr Nalder said.

"This Government is committed to delivering smart and effective transport solutions for our growing city. That's why we've decided to go to the market to find out if it's reasonable to improve the customer experience in this way."

Photo: Train arriving at Esplanade Station, Perth / Robert Howie / Licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0.

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