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WA government releases new activity centres policy to support Directions 2031

THE West Australian government has released a new activity centres planning policy to encourage the evolution of strategic shopping centre sites into community-focused town centres.

Planning Minister John Day said the Activity Centres policy would support the implementation of the objectives outlined in 'Directions 2031 and beyond', the spatial planning framework released earlier this week.

Mr Day said the policy aims to result in the creation of diverse centres of mixed land use, with a broader range of services and employment opportunities.

He said activity centres will be more accessible and vibrant nodes of economic and social activity, reducing the need for the community to travel to access employment, leisure and retail services.

Mr Day said the Activity Centres policy represented a more flexible regulatory approach to encourage more investment in the commercial, higher-density housing and retail sectors.

"There is a clear need to encourage renewal and expansion opportunities by allowing developments to be considered on a wider range of planning merits," he said.

Floor space cap guidelines will no longer apply to the development of retail centres. Instead, the policy encourages the development of activity centres with greater diversity to ensure developments do not result in a predominantly single-purpose centre.

More information on the Activity Centres policy is available from the Planning WA website at <http://www.planning.wa.gov.au>.

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