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New planning visions and direction for Perth and Peel released

WEST Australian Planning Minister, John Day, released a new planning vision and direction for Perth and Peel on Monday to guide the planning of the city to 2031 and beyond, saying it sets out clear objectives and is realistic and achievable.

The spatial planning framework, 'Directions 2031 and beyond', was launched by Mr Day at a Planning Institute Australia (PIA) forum, and was presented as a significant evolution in metropolitan strategic planning.

"Directions 2031 sets a clear vision for the Perth of the future - a city with a vibrant mix of activity areas that bring amenities, employment and education to people's doorsteps and is well serviced by public transport," Mr Day said.

Perth and Peel regions are expected to grow from 1.65 million people to more than 2.2 million by 2031, requiring an additional 328,000 new dwellings.

Mr Day said Directions 2031 will assist the government in the sustainable management of this growth, while maintaining the quality of life enjoyed in Perth and Peel.

Directions 2031 includes housing and employment projections and a new hierarchy of activity centres connected by new and proposed movement and public transport networks. Mr Day said new and existing activity centres are "essential for the creation of more efficient, liveable environments that support economic development and reduce the need for travel."

Directions 2031 seeks a 50 per cent improvement on current infill residential trends and also on average residential density in new development areas.

The plan also sets a target of 47 per cent, or 154,000 of the required 328,000 dwellings, as infill development, while it sets a target of 15 dwellings per gross urban zoned hectare of land for new areas of development.

The plan is to be implemented through two sub-regional strategies for the central Perth metropolitan area and the outer metropolitan sub-regions of Perth and Peel, with were released for public comment this week.

The government said the release of Directions 2031 is in line with the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) national criteria for capital city strategic planning systems.

Public comment submissions for the sub-regional strategies close at 5pm, Monday, November 29, 2010. More information is available from the WA Government Planning website at <http://www.planning.wa.gov.au/>.

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