VPP Review: Proposed changes to Clause 52.11 (Home Occupation)

THE Department of Planning and Community Development is inviting comments on proposed changes to Clause 52.11 (Home Occupation) of the Victorian Planning Provisions.  Changes are being made to make the provisions consistent with the Small Business Ministerial Council's (SBMC) national guidelines for facilitating home-based business.

Home-based business accounts for a large proportion of small businesses in Australia, with nearly one million people operating a business at, or from, home (SBMC 2004).  According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, as at June 2007, there were approximately 483,000 small businesses in Victoria and over 60% of those businesses were home-based.

Planning has been recognised by the SBMC as an important tool that can facilitate and foster the growth of home-based businesses.

Changes to Clause 52.11 include:

  • Change in title from Home Occupation to Home Based Business;
  • Allowing an additional (nonresident) employee in the dwelling;
  • Allowing an additional commercial vehicle;
  • Allowing for one-third of the dwelling to be used by the business; and
  • Requiring that all vehicles be parked on the site.

Submissions can be made to the DPCD by 5:00 pm on Friday 26 February 2010, preferably via email. Please visit Department of Planning and Community Development <> for more information.


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