Rezoning approved for stage one of City of Melbourne's Arden-Macaulay precinct

VICTORIAN Planning Minister Richard Wynne has approved Amendment C190 to the Melbourne Planning Scheme, which implements the Arden-Macaulay Structure Plan's Stage 1 land use and development recommendations.

Arden-Macaulay Structure Plan 2012
Above: The amendment implements the stage 1 land use and development recommendations of Arden-Macaulay Structure Plan 2012.

The Arden-Macaulay Structure Plan, which was adopted by the City of Melbourne in February 2012, provides a long-term strategy for the urban renewal of the Arden-Macaulay area to develop as a dense, mixed-use inner city suburb whilst protecting key industrial sites.

The amendment applies to land in parts of North Melbourne and Kensington, with much of the industrial area rezoned to the Mixed Use Zone to encourage residential development. Other uses such as shops, offices, education and entertainment may also be permitted.

To encourage a new local shopping centre, land along Macaulay Road from the Moonee Ponds Creek to Melrose Street has been rezoned to Commercial 1. This will allow the use of the land for shops, restaurants, cafes, dwellings, offices, child care centres, and education centres.

Meanwhile, the land along Racecourse Road between Boundary Road and Lambeth Street has also been rezoned to Commercial 1 to support offices and associated commercial uses as part of the Structure Plan's vision for a new business centre.

In other areas, the land to the south of Chelmsford Street as far as Barrett Street has been rezoned to prohibit residential uses and encourage new offices and industry. This will provide a buffer between Allied Mills and new residential uses to its north and east.

Other changes include the introduction of new Schedule 63 to the Design and Development Overlay, which will:

  • Allow different buildings heights in different parts of the Arden-Macaulay;
  • Ensure streets have a good pedestrian scale with lower building heights at the street frontage and higher parts set back from the street;
  • Require lower building heights near existing low-rise neighbourhoods;
  • Require awnings over the footpath along primary streets; and
  • Introduce new laneways to improve walkability.

According to Mr Wynne, the building controls will ensure high quality mid-rise developments between six and nine storeys, or rising to 12 storeys if public benefits such as community facilities or additional open space agreed by council are included.

The Minister has also approved the City of Melbourne's request for an interim development contributions plan overlay, which he said would ensure that landowners and developers who make a windfall from the rezoning contribute to the cost of community services and infrastructure.

The interim contribution rates paid by developers and landowners are $16,127.58 per dwelling, $182.58 per square metre of new commercial floor area and $152.15 per square metre of new retail floor area.

The land affected by the amendment forms part of the new Macaulay suburb, which is planned to accommodate 10,000 residents and 9,500 jobs by 2051. The new suburb will be in proximity to the future Arden urban renewal area and Arden Station, one of five new underground stations being built as part of the Metro Tunnel.

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