Consultation to begin on plans for Leneva-Baranduda growth corridor in Wodonga

CONSULTATION will soon begin on plans to deliver more than 6,000 dwellings for over 15,000 residents in the south-east of Wodonga, with the City of Wodonga to place Planning Scheme Amendment (C121) on public exhibition from October 19.

The proposed amendment to the Wodonga Planning Scheme incorporates the Leneva-Baranduda Precinct Structure Plan and Development Contributions Plan, and will support additional housing and associated services and infrastructure in one of the fastest growing regional centres in Victoria.

Aerial view of Leneva-Baranduda growth corridor
Above: Aerial view of Leneva-Baranduda growth corridor / Victorian Planning Authority.

The Leneva-Baranduda precinct consists of 1,062 hectares of land covering all areas north of Middle Creek and areas surrounding Baranduda Boulevard. The draft plan allows for the development of 6,153 new dwellings to accommodate 15,700 residents, and outlines a vision for a picturesque community surrounded by hills, bushland and waterways.

The future community will have a town centre with commercial, education, retail and entertainment facilities. The precinct is also expected to have a range of sporting facilities and the regionally-significant Baranduda Fields Sports and Recreation Facility, as well as a network of local parks.

There are two existing non-government schools in the area and the plan also reserves land for two future government schools.

The future Baranduda Boulevard will be a four-lane arterial road providing access in and around the new community. Active travel by walking and cycling will be encouraged through a network of cycling and pedestrian paths adjacent to the Wodonga Retained Environment Network.

As well as the precinct structure plan, the Victorian Planning Authority and the City of Wodonga have also prepared the Leneva-Baranduda Development Contributions Plan, which stipulates that developers must contribute over $116 million to help fund community infrastructure and facilities.

More information is available from the Victorian Planning Authority website at <> or the City of Wodonga website at <>.

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