2008-09 Planning permit activity in Victoria: volume down, value up

PLANNING Permit Activity in Victoria 2008-09 has been released by the Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) in association with the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV).  It is the second report to be published from data submitted to the DPCD's automated Planning Permit Activity Reporting System (PPARS), where all Victorian councils submit a standardised monthly transfer of data to enable the collection of planning data.

There were a total of 54,162 planning applications lodged in Victoria between 1 July 2008 and 30 June 2009 consisting of:
•    45,936 new planning applications (85% of total applications lodged);
•    8,103 applications to amend an existing permit (15% of total); and
•    123 combined permit applications.

This equates to a decrease of 5,069 or 9% of the total number of planning applications lodged in the previous reporting period (2007-08).

However, the estimated cost of works for development applications in Victoria for the 2008-09 period was $17.2 billion, an increase of 4% on the previous reporting period. The value of fees was $22.9 million, a decrease of 6%, while the average fee was $428.

Of the 54,162 applications lodged during the 2008-09 period, 50,398 planning applications were decided of which 96% were permits issued and 4% were refusals. Of all decided applications, the vast majority were decided under delegated authority (92%), just over a third of applications had further information requests issues (36%), a quarter were referred to referral authorities, 38% were subject to public notice requirements and 15% had objections lodged.

Other statistics include:

  • 53% of all permits issued were associated with a residential land use;
  • 62% of all applications were decided within statutory time frames;
  • The average gross days to decision was 123 days;
  • The median gross days to decision was 78 days; and
  • 67% of planning applications were lodged under a Melbourne metropolitan planning scheme and 33% lodged under a rural/regional planning scheme.

The most common type of planning application lodged in Victoria was for subdivision of land (between 1 to 9 lots), followed by construction of one new dwelling, then extension to an existing building or structure.

Municipalities with the most planning applications lodged during the 2008/09 period:
1. Mornington Peninsula (3,315)
2. Yarra Ranges (1,989)
3. Kingston (1,616)
4. Greater Geelong (1,559)
5. Boroondara (1,530)

Source: Planning Permit Activity in Victoria 2008-09, Victorian Government Department of Planning and Community Development, 2009.

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