Preliminary designs released for upgrades of four intersections along Hoddle Steet-Punt Road corridor

THE Victorian Government last week released preliminary designs for four intersections to be upgraded along the Hoddle Street-Punt Road corridor.

The Streamlining Hoddle Street project will use new intersection configurations, including continuous flow intersections, to improve travel times for 330,000 users who travel along the corridor every day and provide a safer travel experience.

Punt Road bridge (Hoddle Bridge) with Nylex sign and silos in background
Above: Punt Road bridge (Hoddle Bridge) with Nylex sign and silos in background / by Simon Yeo.

The preliminary designs will transform the intersections of Swan Street, Brunton Avenue, Johnston Street and the Eastern Freeway.

At the interaction of Hoddle and Swan Street the principles of continuous flow will be used to reduce congestion caused by right turning vehicles. The intersection will also be improved for cyclists with new on-road bicycle lanes along Swan Street and Olympic Boulevard.

At Brunton Avenue the removal of one right hand turning lane will make it safer for the huge number of pedestrians who travel through the area on the way to our world-class sports and events precinct.

Right hand turns will be removed at the Johnston Street intersection in place of P-turn to keep traffic moving and cut down on the delays many drivers normally experience.

A third on-ramp lane for the Eastern Freeway will also be added heading outbound to get Victorians home safely and quickly.

The four intersections have been identified as a focus along Hoddle Street due to their importance for both north-south and east-west movement.

The preliminary designs were developed last year through community input and technical investigations.

Construction of the new intersection layouts is expected to start in mid-2017.

More information is available from the VicRoads website at <https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/planning-and-projects/melbourne-road-projects/punt-road-hoddle-street/hoddle-street--streamlining-initiative>.

Photo: Punt Road bridge (Hoddle Bridge) with Nylex sign and silos in background / Simon Yeo / Licensed under Creative Commons BY 2.0.

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