Middle Yarra River Draft Recommendations Report released for public comment

THE Yarra River upstream from the city will be protected from overdevelopment under proposed new riverside planning controls that would include consistent height, setback and density controls to the 70-kilometre stretch of the river through Banyule, Manningham and Nillumbik.

Victorian Planning Minister Matthew Guy said that as Melbourne grows and changes at a rapid pace, "it is vital that we act to preserve our iconic Yarra River for future generations to enjoy and admire as we do."

"We're proposing strict mandatory controls that will prevent development intruding on the natural character of the river corridor, its banks and much valued vegetation and parkland," Mr Guy said.

The Middle Yarra River Draft Recommendations Report proposes:

  • New design controls for riverside properties, setting mandatory height limits of between eight and 12 metres, and mandatory setbacks of between 30 to 100 metres from the Yarra depending on lot size and location;
  • Strengthening existing environmental controls across council boundaries that focus on protecting the Yarra's natural landscape values;
  • Increasing minimum lot sizes, particularly in the rural and lower density areas of the river; and
  • Applying the Neighbourhood Residential Zone along the inner urban stretch of the river.

"The Coalition Government is committed to protecting the natural character and integrity of one of Melbourne's landmarks. We're developing and implementing strong and fit-for-purpose controls across three different council areas," Mr Guy said.

"This is a significant achievement, and follows close work with councils and community consultation. This is a great example of a partnership approach between state and local government delivering on the Plan Melbourne initiative for the Yarra River."

The Middle Yarra River Corridor Study Draft Recommendations Report is available from the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure website at <>. The consultation period closes on 22 August 2014.

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