Victorian Government rezones land for 650 lots in Lara West

VICTORIAN Planning Minister Matthew Guy last week said an extension to Greater Geelong's northern growth front has been put in place, with the residential rezoning of the 62-hectare Manzeene Village area in Lara West.

Mr Guy said the rezoning under Amendment C285 to the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme would provide for the subdivision of around 650 lots to accommodate much needed homes and provide a vital link between central Lara and the Lara West growth area.

"Lara West is one of Geelong's most significant growth areas, eventually accommodating around 10,000 people and providing a high level of services for the area and surrounds," Mr Guy said.

"Manzeene Village completes the planning picture for the Lara West growth front, which will feature an employment precinct, a large neighbourhood activity hub, three new schools, community services, sporting facilities and parkland that can be enjoyed by everyone in the region."

Manzeene Village will feature a local commercial area and at least 5,000 square metres of local parkland and shared pathways to allow for additional recreational opportunities, which will be set out under a Development Plan before development starts.

Last week's rezoning follows the approval of the 390-hectare Lara West precinct in February this year.

"Development at Lara West will be undertaken gradually over 30 years to help meet the needs of the projected 500,000 extra residents in the Greater Geelong region by 2050," Mr Guy said.

"With planned road improvements, expansion of public transport services, the Regional Rail Link and brand new local employment opportunities, Lara will remain an attractive place to live and work just outside of central Geelong and Melbourne.

"We are keen to secure the best outcome for the residents of Lara and Geelong, providing housing for the anticipated population growth, while also preserving the feel of the town and quality of life for residents," the Minister said.

Lovely Banks and Batesford South will be the next new suburbs to be planned in Geelong's northern growth corridor and will ensure a continuing lifestyle and housing affordability advantage over Melbourne.

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