Victorian Planning Permit Activity Annual Report 2011-12 released

The 2011-2012 Planning Permit Activity in Victoria annual report has been released, providing a summary of statistical information on planning permit activity in Victoria for the 2011-12 financial year.

It is the ninth annual report using standardised data submitted by all Victorian councils and responsible authorities, including the Minister for Planning and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). It is also the first report to be made available as an online version only.

According to Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD), the report highlights information on applications received and decided, proposed investment, changes in land use, types of applications and permit processing performance.

The report covers information for the state aggregated and consistently presented at four levels: (1) state; (2) metropolitan Melbourne and rural/regional Victoria; (3) six sub-regions - three metropolitan and three rural/regional; and (4) the 82 individual planning schemes.

It shows that between 1 July 2011 and 30 June 2012, a total of 55,131 applications were lodged in Victoria, a decrease of 3.8 per cent compared to 2010-11 (57,280). Of this amount, 37,325 applications were for the metropolitan region (a 3.4 per cent decrease) and 17,806 were for the rural region (a 4.4 per cent decrease).

A total of 52,363 planning applications were decided during the period, an increase of 2.4 per cent on the previous financial year.

Other key statistics from the 2011-12 report, include:

  • 96 per cent (50,095) of applications decided were approved and 4 per cent (2,268) were refused applications approved involved an estimated $19.95 billion in cost of works;
  • 63 per cent of applications were decided within sixty days, compared to 62 per cent in 2010-11;
  • Over 28 per cent of permits issued were for new dwellings, providing for an estimated increase of 38,862 new dwellings;
  • Permits for subdivision involved an estimated 41,345 new lots; and
  • 20.4 per cent of permits issued involved a change in land use. 69 per cent of these involved change from vacant land, 60 per cent involved change to residential use.

The Planning Permit Activity Annual Report 2011-12 is available from the Department of Planning and Community Development website at <>.

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