Victorian Integrated Housing Strategy released

WITH a multiplicity of aims and objectives, the Victorian Integrated Housing Strategy has been released this month, outlining a series of priorities across five strategic directions: 'home buyers', 'tenants in the private market', 'social housing', 'homeless Victorians' and 'better homes'.

To summarise, the strategy aims to deliver diverse and affordable housing options, significantly reduce homelessness, create an 'efficient and flexible' planning system, ensure a greater supply of affordable and social housing and achieve 'better designed homes'.

Major strategies of the report include:

  • To increase the supply of housing in existing urban areas by freeing up surplus government land;
  • New planning initiatives to ensure that the supply of housing keeps pace with population growth and demographic change
  • Initiatives to stimulate private sector investment in the rental market
  • Improved rights for tenants and better standards in rooming houses
  • A 10-year Victorian homelessness strategy and an emphasis on prevention and early intervention
  • Support for better housing design.

The full report and more information regarding the Victorian Integrated Housing Strategy can be obtained from the Victorian Office of Housing <>.

Reference: Victorian Integrated Housing Strategy: Affordable, accessible and sustainable homes, Office of Housing, Department of Human Services, Victorian Government, March 2010, <>.

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