Tasmanian Government announces independent review of Climate Change Act

THE Tasmanian Government last week said it has commissioned an independent review of the Climate Change (State Action) Act 2008 and released a discussion paper to encourage community engagement in the review.

The Act guides the Tasmanian Government's response to climate change mitigation and adaptation. It also sets Tasmania's 2050 emissions reduction target of 60 per cent below 1990 levels by 31 December 2050.

Above: Pollution / by Eric Schmuttenmaer.

"Given the extraordinary weather events experienced in Tasmania over recent months this is an appropriate opportunity to reflect on the legislative framework guiding Tasmania's response to the serious issue of climate change," said Environment, Parks and Heritage Minister Matthew Groom.

In accordance with the Act, the independent review will consider:

  • The extent to which the Objects of the Act are being achieved; and
  • The extent to which additional legislative measures, if any, are considered necessary.

Mr Groom said he has also asked that the review consider broader matters such as:

  • A statutory requirement for the Tasmanian Government to prepare regular climate change action plans;
  • The appropriateness of the target contained within the Act, given that it has already been met; and
  • How the Act could assist Tasmanian Government agencies to incorporate climate change considerations into strategic decision making and risk planning.

The discussion paper sets out the context the Act operates within, including changes in international, national and sub-national climate change policy.

In addition to a review of the Act the Government is currently considering public feedback on the draft Climate Change Action Plan and will be releasing the final Plan before the end of September this year.

The independent review of the Act is being undertaken by Jacobs Australia Pty Ltd, and the discussion paper is available on the Tasmanian Climate Change Office website at <http://www.dpac.tas.gov.au/divisions/climatechange>. The public consultation period ends on 22 July 2016.

Photo: 'Pollution' / Eric Schmuttenmaer / Licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0.

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