Tasmanian Government to preserve potential light rail corridor from Hobart to Granton

THE Tasmanian Government last week said it will preserve the rail corridor from Hobart to Granton so that its potential for light rail passenger transport can be considered in the long term.

Review of a proposed light rail system in Hobart

Infrastructure Tasmania has completed its evaluation of light rail between Hobart and Glenorchy, including a review of findings from all previous reports completed on the concept.

While the review found that the light rail is not economically feasible under current conditions, there is potential for it to become a viable source of transport in the future. For this reason, the Government will ensure that the rail corridor from the city to Granton is preserved.

The review found that apart from the capital costs, which have been previously estimated at $100 million, the major impediment to the operation of the light rail service is projected significant operation losses.

Accordingly, the government said it will work with both Glenorchy and Hobart City councils to develop a comprehensive understanding of land use planning and rezoning issues for commercial and residential opportunities adjacent to the rail corridor.

The two Councils have also been asked whether they are prepared to contribute to the running costs of the new service, given the potential benefits it will bring to their municipalities.

The report is available from the Department of State Growth website at <http://www.stategrowth.tas.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0009/129807/PDF_-_Final_version_Light_Rail_Strategy_210116.pdf> (PDF: 787KB).

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