Tasmanian Government launches Affordable Housing Strategy 2015-2025

THE Tasmanian Government last week launched the Affordable Housing Strategy 2015-2025, which aims to drive the state's future housing reform agenda to increase access to, and the supply of, safe, appropriate and affordable homes.

Tasmanian Affordable Housing Strategy 2015-2025

The Strategy seeks to address the entire housing spectrum, from home ownership to affordable private rental, public and community housing and crisis accommodation. To underpin this work, and to put into effect this strategy, the Government has also developed Tasmania's Action Plan for Affordable Housing 2015-19.

"The Liberal Government is committed to providing housing for an additional 1600 vulnerable Tasmanian households over the next four years, and this Action Plan will take us there," Premier Will Hodgman and Human Services Minister Jacquie Petrusma said in a statement.

"We will deliver about 900 new homes and a range of support initiatives, such as landlord incentives, head leases, and Streets Ahead, that will help to meet this commitment," they said.

The Action Plan commences with an immediate investment of $13.5 million this financial year in addition to the $9.3 million in new projects already funded in the 2015-16 Budget and the $4.4 million allocated to housing initiatives under the Safe Homes, Safe Families: Tasmania's Family Violence Action Plan 2015-20.

This investment also comes on top of the existing $524.47 million over four years that is allocated to housing services under state and national programs.

The Action Plan provides for 19 Government Actions that will address a broad range of housing needs, including:

  • Substantial land release to private developers, with capacity to supply about 250 new lots;
  • About 300 new social housing properties under partnership arrangements with local government, private and community sectors;
  • 350 households eligible for social housing assisted into affordable and secure private rentals using landlord incentives;
  • 200 additional young people rapidly rehoused into private rentals under head lease arrangements;
  • 300 households assisted into affordable home ownership;
  • 40 backyard units for young people to stay in the family home;
  • 119 supported accommodation beds for the duration of need for vulnerable youth, elderly and people living with disability; and
  • More crisis accommodation.

The immediate investment this year includes funding for 20 new homes through private developer social housing grants ($5 million) and at least 12 new homes in the North targeted at older people and people living with disability ($2.5 million).

More information is available from the Department of Health and Human Services website at <http://www.dhhs.tas.gov.au/housing/key_projects_for_2014-15/tasmanian_affordable_housing_strategy>.

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