Hobart's Inner City Development Plan progresses with the release of the Gehl Report

HOBART City Council earlier this month released its study that was commissioned to internationally recognised urban planner and architect Jan Gehl. The study, titled 'Hobart 2010 Public Spaces and Public Life - a city with people in mind', took almost a year to develop and looks at the overall future of the city.

The study focuses on improving how people move around and enjoy the inner heart of Hobart and its links to outer areas and is the first stage of Hobart's Inner City Development Plan.

Lord Mayor Alderman Rob Valentine said the Gehl Report was very wide-ranging and all-encompassing and will take some time for the Council to digest all the major recommendations.

"To ensure we get the widest possible views, the Gehl Report will be available to the community for a period of six months.

"The Council is planning a comprehensive consultation program for February and March 2011 to obtain feedback and community views on the recommendations documented in the Study."

Mr Valentine said the report and community feedback will be carefully considered by the Council prior to the consideration or endorsement of the study. The results of the consultation are expected to be presented to Council towards the mid-2011.

Mr Valentine said the Gehl Report should lead to greater recognition for Hobart as a world city where good urban design practice will establish high quality urban spaces to ensure it grows as "a city with people in mind."

The study makes four main recommendations, including: (1) identifying and connecting the city's distinctive landscape features; (2) ensuring a fine city for people by promoting a 21st century traffic system and walking and cycling; (3) developing a more diverse and liveable city centre; and (4) ensuring visual delights through a high quality streetscape and beautiful and surprising environments.

The study, 'Hobart 2010 Public Spaces and Public Life - a city with people in mind', is available from the Hobart City Council website at <http://www.hobartcity.com.au/>.

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