Tasmanian Government announces release of Macquarie Point community consultation report

THE Tasmanian Government last week announced the release of the Macquarie Point community consultation report, which provides an outline of the qualities and distinguishing characteristics viewed as most important by the community in any future site development.

Infrastructure Minister David O'Byrne said the 'Shared Vision – Consultation Report' demonstrates the significant of the project, with more than 1,200 community members taking the 'once-in-a-lifetime opportunity' to provide feedback and help shape Hobart's economic, social and cultural growth.

The Macquarie Point site, which is approximately 8.4 hectares, is currently used for a range of industrial purposes that are expected to be relocated over the next two years. Future development on the site is expected to involve a mix of uses that promote inner city living, complement Hobart's CBD and are well-connected to the city, the waterfront and the Queens Domain.

Mr O'Byrne said eight key priority themes were identified during the consultation process, including:

  • The economic value of the site;
  • Respecting its history, heritage and culture;
  • The site's links and connectivity to surrounding areas;
  • Fostering a sense of liveability in any development;
  • Developing the site as an exemplar in sustainability;
  • Opportunities for the site to complement and contribute to tourism;
  • High-quality, distinctive and innovative urban design; and
  • The opportunity to strengthen Tasmania's maritime, port and Antarctic interests.

"This community input will now feed into the final Macquarie Point Shared Vision document, due for completion early next year, which will inform the creation of a development framework for the site," Mr O'Byrne said.

"Community input will be sought through other stages of the overall site redevelopment, including master and statutory planning.

"We're also continuing to provide information sessions to school and college students, a variety of community associations, local residents and businesses, gathering important feedback along the way.

"A range of other activities are also underway including the development of a remediation strategy and site management strategy," Mr O'Byrne said.

The Minister cited Melbourne's Docklands and Sydney's Barangaroo as two examples of how other capital cities around Australia have been positively transformed by large-scale multi-use development on their waterfronts.

The Macquarie Point Shared Vision – Consultation Report is available from the Macquarie Point Development Corporation website at <http://www.macquariepoint.com/>.

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