State-wide code for bushfire prone areas in Tasmania

TASMANIAN Acting Premier Bryan Green has approved the introduction of a new single state-wide planning code for bushfire prone areas, which aims to reduce the risk to life and property and the costs to the community from bushfires.

"The code establishes consistent and strengthened planning laws which will be included in all new planning schemes in Tasmania," Mr Green said.

Mr Green said the code provides for separation distances between buildings and bushfire prone vegetation, safe and efficient access arrangements for fire fighters and occupants and adequate and reliable water supplies.

"The new code places additional protective measures on land uses and development in bushfire prone areas," Mr Green said, adding that the new code draws on the findings and recommendations of the Royal Commission into the Victorian bushfires in 2009.

He said the new code acknowledges different types of developments are exposed to various levels of bushfire risk and establishes appropriate planning standards.

According to Mr Green, the code follows a consultation process that included public hearings and discussions with local councils, the Tasmanian Fire Service, building professionals and emergency services.

According to the Tasmanian Planning Commission, protection measures in the code include:

  • Identified hazard management areas to provide adequate distances between buildings and bushfire-prone vegetation and which can be used to defend property in a bushfire, if necessary;
  • Safe access arrangements for new subdivisions and habitable buildings, for fire fighters and occupants;
  • Adequate, accessible and reliable water supplies to protect lives and property during a bushfire; and
  • Special provisions for vulnerable and hazardous uses in bushfire-prone areas.

More information is available from the Tasmanian Planning Commission website at <http://www.planning.tas.gov.au/>.


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