South Australia

SA Government responds to feedback on Barossa and McLaren Vale protection

SOUTH Australian Planning Minister John Rau last week announced he would respond to community concerns by making changes to measures proposed to protect the Barossa and McLaren Vale regions from urban sprawl.

Mr Rau said an interim Development Plan Amendment (DPA) had been introduced last year to prevent inappropriate development in these important regions for tourism, winemaking and agriculture, in advance of the passage of the Bills.

He said local councils and community members had raised a number of concerns about the interim DPA, particularly unintended restrictions on clearly appropriate development activities in the protection areas.

As a result, a new DPA will be introduced as soon as possible, along with modified Bills to facilitate appropriate development while still protecting the regions from urban sprawl.

The new DPA will trigger a new period of formal consultation with the community, led by the independent Development Policy Advisory Committee. In addition, everyone who made a submission on the original DPA will be invited to make a new submission.

The introduction of a new DPA also means public meetings planned for next month on the original DPA will no longer be necessary.

The key changes to the DPA are expected to:

  • Enable development that would be reasonably expected to occur within the townships;
  • Enable housing on some existing allotments within the rural area, subject to appropriate design measures;
  • Enable development in the rural area that supports primary production; and
  • Prevent the further division of rural land for urban development.

"The Government and the people who live in these regions have the same goal – to prevent urban sprawl while encouraging growth which is appropriate and supported by the community," Mr Rau said.

"In the end, the Government is determined to protect McLaren Vale and the Barossa from the tide of urban sprawl, while allowing tourism, agricultural and wine-making to flourish."

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