South Australia

SA Government revokes major project declaration for Sellicks wind farm

SOUTH Australian Minister for Urban Development and Planning, Paul Holloway, last week announced that the government has revoked the major project declaration for the Myponga/Sellicks Hill Wind Farm after the proponent failed to meet a deadline to commence construction.

TrustPower had declined to proceed with the wind farm as approved in November 2003, comprising twenty wind turbines measuring 100 metres in height, despite being given a deadline of September 2010 to begin substantial construction work.

Mr Holloway said the government had declined a request by TrustPower to vary the approval to increase the height and power output of the turbines and reduce their number.

"In 2009, the company was given a 12-month deadline to begin construction or risk having the declaration revoked," Mr Holloway said.

"After more than seven years of delays it is no longer appropriate to grant further extensions to this development approval and so the Governor has revoked this major project declaration."

In 2009, the South Australian Government announced plans to increase the state's renewable energy production target to 33% by 2020.

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