South Australia

SA Government approves study into expansion of Roseworthy township

SOUTH Australian Planning Minister John Rau last week announced approval of Light Regional Council's sponsored Statement of Intent (SOI) to enable a study for the 'modest' expansion of the Roseworthy township over the next 15 years.

Light Regional Council has requested the State Government rezone 554 hectares of land to the south of the existing Roseworthy township to allow for the development of approximately 2,000 additional dwellings and significant employment lands.

In a statement on Monday, Mr Rau described the investigation of the township expansion as the most appropriate response to possible growth demands in the area.

"There is no current need to consider massive greenfield developments in the Roseworthy region, however, the potential for modest township growth and employment lands serving not only Roseworthy but the Barossa protection zone, warrant consideration," the Minister said.

"A study of a modest township expansion at Roseworthy must ensure that local growth can be accommodated - whilst also ensuring protection of our food security by stopping fertile, good rainfall areas close to the city being submerged under housing."

Mr Rau said that while appropriate township development places minor demands on infrastructure, he has insisted that the Council work to resolve the delivery of all infrastructure before any planning changes could be further considered and any development could occur.

Also this week, the South Australian Government announced the release of a new planning policy, 'Planning Reform – a Driver of Economic Growth', which seeks to provide a way forward for planning policy in South Australia and support the foundations laid by the 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide.

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