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Draft blueprint for Adelaide's north unveiled by SA Government

SOUTH Australian Planning Minister John Rau last week unveiled a detailed blueprint for growth in Adelaide's north over the next 30 years, the draft Playford Growth Area Structure Plan, along with two proposed Ministerial Development Plan Amendments (DPAs) to implement the Structure Plan.

The draft Structure Plan provides a vision for the study area to potentially accommodate 38,000 additional dwellings, 103,000 additional people and 43,000 additional jobs, underpinned by a number of design principles and objectives to promote economic activity, encourage liveability, enhance accessibility and protect the environment.

The study area encompasses the western portion of the City of Playford, extending from the Adelaide-Gawler railway line to the coast, as well as land within the City of Salisbury that is part of Greater Edinburgh Parks.

It includes areas of existing or planned development at Buckland Park and Playford North, including the Playford Alive development, which the Structure Plan says will "ensure connectivity between new development areas."

While the Structure Plan considers the whole of the study area, it focuses attention on four growth areas:

  • Angle Vale Urban Growth Area: approximately 944 hectares of land, including the existing Angle Vale township (244ha) and approximately 700 hectares of land to the north, south and east of the township;
  • Playford North Extension: an area covering about 729 hectares of land east of the Northern Expressway in the suburbs of Penfield, MacDonald Park, Munno Para West and Munno Para Downs;
  • Virginia Urban Growth Area: approximately 650 hectares of land consisting of the existing Virginia Township and adjoining land to the north, south and west of the township; and 
  • Greater Edinburgh Parks: more than 4,150 hectares of land (including 1,550ha of new employment lands) bounded by Port Wakefield Road, the Northern Expressway, Womma Road, the Adelaide-Gawler railway line, the Adelaide-Darwin railway line, Helps Road and Waterloo Corner Road.

Planning Minister John Rau said the urban growth areas of Angle Vale, Virginia and Playford North, together with significant employment land at Edinburgh will play an important role in the future growth of greater Adelaide over the next 30 years.

When fully developed, it is expected that Angle Vale will have the potential to accommodate up to 15,600 people. Playford North Extension is expected to accommodate up to 17,000 people, while Virginia is expected to accommodate 12,000 people. Greater Edinburgh Parks is expected to provide up to 26,830 potential new jobs.

To support the implementation of the Playford Growth Area Structure Plan, two proposed Ministerial DPAs have been released for consultation:

  • Playford Urban Growth Areas (Angle Vale, Playford North Extension and Virginia) and General Section DPA; and
  • Greater Edinburgh Parks Employment Lands DPA.

The Minister said there would be an "unprecedented level of community engagement," with more than 30,000 information postcards to be distributed across the northern suburbs and targeted discussions to be held with local Aboriginal people and Vietnamese and Italian speaking people.

"The work builds on extensive public engagement and planning already undertaken by the State Government with Playford Council alongside landowners in Angle Vale, Virginia and Playford North," Mr Rau said.

According to the government, land will only be rezoned when infrastructure agreements can be reached with landowners, the council and state infrastructure providers. Renewal SA will be leading these negotiations.

"The State Government is aware that this area also accommodates valuable horticultural land so this Structure Plan is a very important step in ensuring any future growth and development is achieved sustainably," Mr Rau said.

"The extensive planning already undertaken incorporates existing and planned developments, such as Buckland Park and Playford North, including the Playford Alive development, to ensure connectivity between new development areas.

"This is the most detailed and comprehensive planning processes ever undertaken in South Australia to implement The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide," Mr Rau said.

The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide was released by the South Australian Government in 2010 and anticipates projected growth of 560,000 additional people across the Greater Adelaide region over the next 30 years.

The City of Playford welcomed the community consultation process, with Mayor Glenn Docherty saying it was now vitally important for the people of Playford to engage in the consultation process to ensure that their thoughts were heard by the State Government.

"It is vital that landowners, businesses and local residents respond to the release of this blueprint to ensure it reflects our community's wants and needs. We have the opportunity to shape the way we manage our natural, economic and social resources into the future," Cr Docherty said.

"We have the chance to shape the growth of Playford over the next 30 years. Our City will be a major contributor to the economic vibrancy of South Australia and now is our opportunity to build a sustainable, vibrant and prosperous community."

More information regarding the Playford Growth Area Structure Plan and its associated DPAs is available from the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure website at <>. Submissions can be made until 2 August 2013.

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