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Adelaide City Council pushes for heritage protection of 76 buildings

ADELAIDE City Council this week met to formalise its response to the South Australian Planning Minister regarding his intentions to amend Part 1 of the City Centre Heritage Development Plan Amendment (DPA).

The amendment to the DPA, which was released in March 2012 for consultation with the community and landowners, proposes the addition of 78 buildings to the local heritage register and was forwarded to Planning Minister John Rau for approval.

Mr Rau, in his response to the Council this month, proposed retaining 36 of the listings but removing the remaining 42 listings due to reasons such as insufficient documentation and over-representation of themes, or the buildings being of strategic importance or part of a larger building.

The Minister said that while he acknowledged an expanded heritage list is a priority for the City of Adelaide, the vision contained in The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide also needs to be considered.

"In order to achieve this vision, heritage values must be balanced against strategic priorities to ensure that appropriate future development of strategic sites is not precluded by the heritage listings introduced through the DPA," Mr Rau said.

The Council is required to formally submit its feedback to the Minister by today (Friday 15 March) and will request that 76 properties remain on the list and receive immediate heritage protection under Part 1 and agree that two properties (14 -16 Market Street and 311 Morphett Street) should be removed from the list.

According to the Council, all 78 properties were individually reviewed by independent heritage experts and carefully considered by planning staff and Council. It said the two properties that it agrees should be removed from the list have had their heritage value diminish or they no longer warrant local heritage designation.

"Council is committed to reaching a balanced outcome with the Minister that will demonstrate that city development and sensible heritage protection can work together," said Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood.

"Our heritage buildings contribute enormously to the city's character, appeal and competitive advantage and help make the city a desirable place to live, work and visit.

"Council fully supports the growth of the city and shares the State Government's objectives of more development, more city residents and well-designed buildings that complement the city's unique character and heritage," Cr Yarwood said.

The 78 proposed sites have interim protection until 28 March 2013. The Minister will consider the Council's response and will make a decision. The final DPA with the proposed listings will be gazetted by the Minister and referred to the Environment, Resources and Development Committee of State Parliament for its review.

The balance of the 251 properties originally submitted by Council to the Planning Minister are still with the Minister and are subject to further discussion under Part 2 of the DPA.

More information is available from the Adelaide City Council website at <>.

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