New City Design Review Panel to be established in Adelaide

THE South Australian Government and the City of Adelaide yesterday announced they have reached an historic agreement on a new development regime that aims to put design at the forefront of development approval processes.

Premier Jay Weatherill said the establishment of a City Design Review Panel would inject expert design thinking into development proposals from the beginning of a project's consideration.

All city projects before the Development Assessment Commission will be scrutinised by the expert design panel headed by the Government Architect, Ben Hewett.

The panel will also advise the DAC on whether the design of a project is in keeping with the surrounding area.

"We know the city is going to continue to grow and it is important it is consistent with the character and liveability of Adelaide," Mr Weatherill said.

Mr Weatherill said the new approach will make sure new buildings and developments fit in with surrounding areas and make the street level a welcoming place to be, while also streamlining and accelerating development processes.

Planning Minister, John Rau, said the Government Architect would convene a City Design Review Panel to provide independent expert advice from the outset of any proposal.

"If we are going to encourage more South Australians to live in the city, then excellent design is critical. We will not accept poor quality design that adds nothing to precincts and nothing to the streetscape," Mr Rau said.

Adelaide Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood said the council supports the growth of the city and shares a strong commitment with the State Government to planning transparency, efficiency and consistent, high-quality design.

"The changes will allow Council and the Government to work together in a way that eliminates piecemeal and ad-hoc development. It should enable us to take it street by street and precinct by precinct to create a better designed, more vibrant Adelaide."

The government said the new process will be part of a new planning system for the city to be introduced soon.

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