Property Council says ULDA is good for Queensland

THE Property Council of Australia has expressed concerns over comments made by Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman that the powers of the Urban Land Development Authority (ULDA) would be wound back under a LNP State Government.

The ULDA was set up by the Queensland Government as part of the Queensland Housing Affordability Strategy to plan, manage and coordinate the development of land in designated urban areas.

Property Council of Australia Queensland Division Executive Director Kathy Mac Dermott said the ULDA has demonstrated that great community outcomes can be achieved when planning approvals are quick and infrastructure charges low.

"The reality is that a number of councils are not delivering their planning and development assessment functions in a timely manner. Added to this, many are making housing unaffordable because of high infrastructure charges and a lack of sound infrastructure planning," Ms Mac Dermott said.

She said the ULDA overcame such issues and that until "councils are in a position to deliver their responsibilities as effectively as the ULDA, this body remains relevant and important in Queensland."

"The Property Council supports a medium-term approach to mainstream a number of the powers the ULDA to councils with a demonstrated capacity to deliver. We also believe the State must chart a course to evolve the ULDA into an entity primarily focused on ensuring adequate land supply in designated growth areas by 2015."

Ms Mac Dermott said that while Cr Newman and Brisbane City Council have had a "focus on delivering housing and importantly employment-focused development" other councils have "shirked their responsibilities in this space and the Property Council is nervous about the prospect of winding back the ULDA…"

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