Revised and updated Market-Led Proposal guidelines released by Queensland Government

THE Queensland Government has released revised and updated Market-Led Proposal (MLP) guidelines, which have been prepared by Queensland Treasury after consulting with stakeholders, including industry, and reviewing the experiences in other Australian jurisdictions.

Treasurer Curtis Pitt announced the updated guidelines in Budget Estimates hearings last week and said the changes reinforce MLPs as a key channel for government to work with the private sector and to increase the amount of quality proposals that are submitted for consideration.

A proposal to redevelop the Queensland Maritime Museum is being considered under the Market-Led Proposals process
Above: A proposal to redevelop the Queensland Maritime Museum is being considered under the Market-Led Proposals process.

Mr Pitt said the guidelines have been updated to more clearly explain the criteria required for a successful MLP proposal and new supplementary guidance with practical examples has been developed.

Other changes include the reduction of the number of assessment criteria from nine to six, which will streamline the process for applicants and assessors, and the involvement of the Market-Led Proposal Panel much earlier in the consideration of proposals.

Since the introduction of the MLP framework in July 2015, the Market-Led Proposal Panel team in Queensland Treasury has had discussions with proponents across every industry resulting in 44 ideas submitted for Stage 1 formal assessment.

"Six of these proposals have now progressed to Stage 2: Detailed Proposal or beyond, and there are more in the pipeline," Mr Pitt said.

"The $512 million Logan Motorway Enhancement Project, put forward by Transurban Queensland, was the first MLP project to proceed to final binding contract and is now in project delivery and set for completion in mid-2019.

"Another five proposals are in detailed negotiations. They comprise almost $260 million in potential capital investment, and would potentially support an average of 400 jobs each year during construction."

More information about Market-Led Proposals is available from the Queensland Treasury website at <https://www.treasury.qld.gov.au/growing-queensland/market-led-proposals/>.

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