Queensland Government launches new self-assessable vegetation clearing codes

THE Queensland Government last week said farmers and graziers will be able to save both time and money following the launch of six new self-assessable vegetation clearing codes as part of reforms to the state's vegetation management framework.

Natural Resources Minister Andrew Cripps said the change would remove red tape for farmers and graziers by allowing them to get on with their jobs without the need to apply for permits from the State Government.

"On top of the nine codes already in place, we are introducing six new codes to expand the number of activities farmers and graziers can undertake without needing to apply for a permit," Mr Cripps said.

Mr Cripps said that since the first codes were introduced in December last year, the Department of Natural Resources and Mines has received 766 notifications for land management activities from 432 different landholders across Queensland.

"These codes have already saved landholders almost 130 years in time and more than $280,000 in fees," he added.

Along with updating the existing native forest practice code, the six new self-assessable codes include:

  • South East Queensland thinning;
  • Brigalow/Desert Uplands/Central Queensland thinning;
  • Mitchell Grass downs/Channel Country thinning;
  • Environmental works;
  • North Queensland thinning; and
  • Extractive industry.

Mr Cripps said notifying the Department of Natural Resources and Mines of land management work was completely free and could be done online or by mailing a form to the department.

"Landholders looking at undertaking any vegetation management activities are encouraged to call the department and speak with a local vegetation management officer," he said.

The new codes will come into effect on 8 August 2014. More information is available from the Queensland Government's Vegetation Management website at <http://www.qld.gov.au/environment/land/vegetation/management/>.

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