Queensland Government releases strategy to support growth of airports

THE Queensland Government last week released a new Economic Directions Statement that recognises the role of airports in supporting Queensland's economic growth and outlines a range of actions to support and facilitate airport expansion and employment across the state.

Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning Jeff Seeney said the new Economic Directions Statement, 'Queensland Airports 2013-2023', seeks to build on 40 of the state's leading airports that have strategic significance for economic growth.

According to the Statement, the Queensland Government will support airports in progressing appropriate development plans while ensuring that state government approval processes and regulatory frameworks do not impose undue costs or burdens on airport growth and operations.

The government will also aim to ensure that airports are protected from incompatible development and encroachment on airport land in order to support the long-term viability of their operations, as well as ensuring the protection of key transport corridors linking airports to the broader transport network.

Priority actions outlined in the Statement include:

  • Working with airport owners and operators to ensure airport precincts are business-ready by streamlining planning, assessment and approval processes;
  • Facilitating planning approval processes, consistent with the State Planning Policy, to accelerate the development of maintenance, aviation industry and passenger infrastructure;
  • Developing consistent and evidence-based vegetation management policies and processes on land on, or nearby, airports to enable growth;
  • Developing tenure arrangements for state reserve leasehold land on, and nearby, airports that support economic development;
  • Working with local councils to address blockages to growth and ensuring effective co-existence with local communities and industries; and
  • Working to remove any obstacles to the growth of passenger traffic in ways that do not restrict the future growth prospects of general aviation and training providers.

"Our approach is all about reconciling what's best for the Queensland economy, and above all, thinking long-term," Mr Seeney said, adding that the government will assist Queensland's airports to build on their areas of competitive advantage and attract new investment.

The 'Economic Directions Statement – Queensland Airports 2013-2023' is available from the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning website at <http://www.dsdip.qld.gov.au/airports>.

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