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NT Planning Commission launches Stage Two of the Darwin Inner Suburbs Area Planning project

THE Northern Territory Planning Commission last week announced the launch of Stage Two of the Inner Suburbs Area Planning project, describing it as the culmination of two months of community consultations and infrastructure studies to plan for the future.

Stage Two involves further consultation on a draft Area Plan for the Inner Suburbs, proposing future land uses for Residential areas, Activity Centres, Industrial and Service Commercial areas, Social Infrastructure, Movement and Transport, Essential Services and Environment and Heritage.

Darwin waterfront, Northern Territory
Above: 'Waterfront Sunset, Darwin, NT, Australia' / by Ben Ashmole.

Planning Commission Chairman Gary Nairn said feedback so far has been terrific. "We have spoken with well over 600 residents, held briefings for community and industry stakeholders and received almost 70 submissions," Mr Nairn said.

"I've been delighted by the genuine level of interest from the community, and while there are many different views, I believe we have achieved a good balance between growing the inner suburbs in a vibrant way, and protecting the tropical character currently enjoyed in the surrounding localities," he said.

"We envisage much of the growth will be accommodated in the precincts around Parap/Woolner and the Stuart Highway/Stuart Park areas," Mr Nairn said.

The Area Plan is a long term plan for Darwin's future. It allows proposed changes to take place over time, in a planned, logical way. Feedback is encouraged for the following documents:

  • Draft Inner Suburbs Area Plan – which details the planning principles used for future land use and development, including precinct maps.
  • Inner Suburbs Needs Assessment – which details the key issues for consideration, informed by the community feedback and background investigations undertaken during Stage One.
  • Draft Discussion Paper: Review of the NT Planning Scheme – which proposes new criteria for development and design standards in the Territory.

Mr Nairn said the additional draft Discussion Paper is a direct result of community and industry feedback. The Discussion Paper proposes new criteria for development standards in the Territory.

"This draft Area Plan helps to put us ahead of the game. Through the studies we have undertaken, we now understand the potential areas for future transport corridors, higher density, growth around activity centres and improved green spaces. It is vital that we get our future land use planning right. It provides certainty and confidence for all," Mr Nairn said.

There are two further opportunities to provide feedback –from now until mid-December on the draft Area Plan, and in early 2016 when the revised area plan is exhibited as a proposed Planning Scheme Amendment within the Northern Territory Planning Scheme.

More information is available from the Northern Territory Planning Commission website at <>.

Photo: 'Waterfront Sunset, Darwin, NT, Australia' / Ben Ashmole / Licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC 2.0.

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