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NT Government calls for feedback on future infrastructure projects

THE Northern Territory Government has launched a new website for Territorians to have their say about infrastructure projects that could be funded through any future sale or lease of public assets.

"We want to deliver the best value for taxpayers' money and ensure our infrastructure meets the future needs of a growing Northern Australia," Chief Minister Adam Giles said in a statement.

"Through its possible sale, TIO could serve all Territorians in a new way, by providing us with the funds to unlock our potential, creating the jobs and industries of the future."

Light trail on freeway
Photo: 'Light trail' (UK) / by David.

Mr Giles said the Federal Government's Asset Recycling initiative also offers a 15 per cent financial incentive for state and territory governments to sell eligible assets and re-invest the proceeds in new, economy-growing infrastructure.

"The government is also looking at ways to attract private investment in Darwin Port so that we can make it more efficient, improve economies of scale and bring freight costs down. This is another way we can drive down the cost of living for Territorians," Mr Giles said.

"The Port is not for sale but revenue from a long-term lease of Port assets could add to a pool of money available for re-investment in critical infrastructure.

"No final decisions have been made, but selling TIO or leasing parts of the Port would provide a substantial nest-egg of funds that could build the Territory of tomorrow.

"I have tasked the Office of Major Infrastructure and Investment with identifying economic and community infrastructure projects that might be pursued and have put forward some of the Government's ideas to help start the conversation."

These include:

  • Flood mitigation works around Rapid Creek;
  • Road works to remove the bottleneck at the end of Tiger Brennan Drive as it approaches Darwin city;
  • An Indigenous cultural centre in Alice Springs;
  • A second port at Glyde Point;
  • A new sporting venue for Darwin; and
  • A long-term Infrastructure Development Fund to finance the building of the Territory into the future.

"What we really need are ideas from the public about what projects Territorians would like us to pursue as a priority if we do go down this path," Mr Giles said.

More information is available from the NT Government's 'Building Our Territory' website at <>.

Photo: 'Light trail' (UK) / David / Licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0.

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