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Property Council launches election campaign to turbo-charge Northern Territory

POLITICIANS and policy makers must take a bold new approach and develop a number of plans for the Northern Territory in order to secure its future, according to the Property Council of Australia.

The Property Council's NT Executive Director, Raquel Nicholls-Skene, made the call while launching the organisation's election advocacy agenda in the lead-up to the Northern Territory election, to be held this Saturday.

"It is time to take action. We cannot just assume that things will continue to grow in the economy without good planning," Ms Nicholls-Skene said, adding that a 'Prosperity Blueprint' is needed to protect the Territory's liveability and competitive advantages.

The key goals outlined in the Property Council's election 2012 advocacy agenda are: 

Strive for growth - a population for Darwin of 500,000 by 2050, with a clear strategy for migration combined with plans for land use and infrastructure planning; 

Create and launch a 'Prosperity Blueprint' - provide certainty to industry and the community by insulating planning and infrastructure investment from short-term political thinking; 

Secure Darwin's energy and water future – attract investment to the NT by protecting business from unreliable power and water supply; 

Cement Darwin as the 'Gateway to Asia' – establish long-term drivers in the NT economy, working in parallel with the property industry; and

Reform inefficient taxes and charges – reduce unnecessary cost to investment by removing inefficient taxes and red tape.

The Property Council calls for the development of a Strategic Plan for the Northern Territory to set the vision for growth, along with indicators and targets to measure the plan's progress.

It also calls for a 30-Year Infrastructure Plan to guide the planning and delivery of infrastructure and services as well as a Capital City Plan for Darwin, which would be overseen by a Metropolitan Authority.

More information is available from the Property Council of Australia website at <>.

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