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State members appointed for NSW Joint Regional Planning Panels

JOINT Regional Planning Panels across NSW will undergo a refresh after the Department of Planning and Environment last week announced the appointment of new State members for the Panels.

Panels are independent planning bodies that make decisions on regionally significant applications valued at more than $20 million.

Above: Sydney / by Steve Conger.

They are led by an independent Chair that has been appointed with the agreement of Local Government NSW and have four other members, with the State Government and local Councils each appointing two representatives.

State Panel members are appointed based on their expertise in either planning, architecture, heritage, the environment, urban design, land economics, traffic and transport, law, engineering, tourism or government and public administration.

"Planning Panels are an important part of the planning system – ensuring independent decisions are made on projects that are significant to local communities," a spokesperson said.

To ensure independence, alternate members are also appointed for when a member needs to sit out on a decision because of a conflict of interest.

The new independent Chair and State Government appointed members are:

Sydney East Planning Panel

  • John Roseth
  • Sue Francis
  • Nicole Gurran

John Roseth has also been re-appointed to continue his role his Chair.

John Roseth and Sue Francis are joined by Nicole Gurran, an experienced professional in planning and environment law.

Sydney West Planning Panel

  • Mary-Lynne Taylor
  • Paul Mitchell
  • Bruce McDonald

Mary-Lynne Taylor has also been re-appointed to continue on in her role as Chair.

Sydney East and Sydney West Panels will be replaced later in the year by six Sydney Planning Panels, each chaired by the District Commissioner for the district. Members of the new Sydney Planning Panels will be announced at a later date.

Hunter and Central Coast Planning Panel

  • Jason Perica
  • Kara Krason
  • Michael Leavey

Kara Krason and Jason Perica, both Hunter and Central Coast JRPP members since 2009 are joined by Michael Leavey, a Hunter and Central Coast resident and regionally-based planning consultant.

Jason Perica replaces Garry Fielding as Chair. Garry chaired the Planning Panel for nearly 7 years but chose not to re-nominate for a further term.

Western Planning Panel

  • Gordon Kirkby
  • Ruth Fagan
  • Mark Grayson

Gordon Kirkby has also been re-appointed to continue on in his role as Chair.

Southern Planning Panel

  • Pam Allan
  • Alison McCabe
  • Renata Brooks

Pam Allan has also been re-appointed to continue on in her role as Chair.

Pam Allan and Allison McCabe are joined by Renata Brooks, a government administrator with experience in rural and regional issues.

Northern Planning Panel

  • Garry West
  • Pamela Westing
  • Stephen Gow

Garry West and Pamela Westing, both Northern Panel members since 2009, are joined by Stephen Gow, an Armidale resident with extensive local government planning experience.

Photo: Sydney / 'Sydney from Air8' / Steve Conger / Licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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