New South Wales

Huntlee New Town project declared 'potentially state significant'

THE NSW Department of Planning this week confirmed that it has received a State Significant Site request for the Huntlee New Town site near Branxton in the State's Lower Hunter.

The request, lodged by JBA Urban Planning on behalf of Huntlee Pty Ltd, was for the Planning Minister to consider the rezoning of the Huntlee site by including it as a State Significant Site.

The Huntlee New Town project is proposed to be a mixed-use urban area located adjacent to Branxton and North Rothbury in the Lower Hunter Valley and will provide up to 7,500 dwellings and 200 hectares of employment lands. It is also proposed to provide 5,785 hectares of conservation land.

The proposal includes plans for a mixed-use town centre, 93 hectares of rural residential development and the provision of infrastructure including road upgrades and allocation of land for health services, community facilities and utilities.

The Huntlee project is to be developed in stages over a 20 to 25 year period and is expected to have a population of approximately 20,000 people.

In its application, JDA Urban Planning said the proposal meets the State Significance Site guidelines as it will provide a significant amount of housing for the region, generate employment opportunities of up to 4,000 jobs and provide "conservation value land". It also stated that because the Huntlee project comprises parts of the Cessnock LGA and Singleton LGA, a State Significance Site listing will ensure coordinated development of the site.

The Department of Planning will consider the site's potential as a State significant site.

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