New South Wales

NSW Planning Minister releases State agency development processing report

THE NSW Minister for Planning, Tony Kelly, last week released the Concurrence and Referral Monitoring report, which details the performance of state agencies in processing development applications for the second half of 2009.

The report shows that 90% development applications have been processed by State agencies within 40 days. The report also states that a total of 9,125 development applications were processed by State agencies, with an average net processing time of 14.15 days. The net processing time excludes time waiting for further information and the time taken receiving and sending the proposal to local councils.

Mr Kelly said the Planning Department would continue to examine ways to reduce State agency decision times, adding that in December 2008, the NSW Government removed 1,336 unnecessary clauses across 250 planning instruments which required referral of development issues to State agencies. "These figures indicate this decision is likely to have helped with the timely processing of development applications by State agencies," Mr Kelly said.

More information on the Concurrence and Referral Monitoring report can be obtained from the NSW Department of Planning website at <>.

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