New South Wales

Tumbarumba Shire LEP approved

A NEW local environmental plan (LEP) has been approved for Tumbarumba Shire which will provide for 10 years of housing supply and support the Shire's horticultural industry into the future.

NSW Planning Minister, Tony Kelly, said the LEP would create opportunities for growth within existing townships and support the diversity of the Shire, which is located on the south western slopes of the Snowy Mountains and 504 kilometres south-west of Sydney.

"Tumbarumba Shire is a unique area which boasts a wide range of valued assets – from
agricultural lands to alpine wilderness – so it's important this LEP protects and appropriately reflects their value," Mr Kelly said.

The new LEP includes provisions to encourage horticultural production, identifies and protects over 20 significant local heritage items and ensure lands with significant flora and fauna are protected. The LEP also provides over 10 years worth of housing supply, with the potential for around 50 new residential lots in Tumbarumba township, along with a further 50 lots across Rosewood, Jingelic and Khancoban.

The LEP had been prepared using the standard LEP template which aims to clarify
and simplify State planning controls. "The standard template provides consistency in the format and layout of council-wide LEPs, while allowing councils the flexibility to address specific local planning issues," Mr Kelly said.

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