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NSW 2008/09 Household Travel Survey released

THE annual New South Wales Household Travel Survey (HTS) has been released, detailing travel patterns in Sydney, Illawarra and Newcastle. The HTS is the largest and most comprehensive source of personal travel data for the Sydney Greater Metropolitan Area.

The survey shows that in 2008/09, Sydney residents made 16.3 million trips on an average weekday and 14.7 million on an average weekend day. Weekday trip growth slowed over the past year to 0.2%, despite population growth of 1.5% for the period.

The survey report states that changes in mode use and trip distance suggest a range of influences on recent travel patterns, including the rise in population and urban densities in inner areas, making alternatives to car travel more accessible. It also states that economic conditions over the period may have also influenced trip purpose and mode choice.

In the 12 months to 2008/09 trips for commuting grew by 0.7%, slower than in previous years. Work related travel other than commuting declined however, by 0.3% for trips and 2.9% for distance. Social and recreational trip making grew by 1.4% but other discretionary travel declined, with shopping trips falling by 0.1% and personal business trips falling by 1.3%.

Over the past year there was growth in public transport and walk trips which exceeded the average rate of trip growth, while car trips declined.

Average weekday train trips grew by 3.1% and bus trips by 2.4%. Walk only trips grew by 2.7%. Vehicle driver trips declined by 0.8% and passenger trips declined by 0.2%.

Average travel time remained steady. The average time spent travelling each day is
81 minutes per person. The average duration of a work trip is 34 minutes and the average duration of a non-work trip is 18 minutes.

More information is available from Transport NSW at <>.

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