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Plans to speed up Catherine Field housing project placed on exhibition

THE NSW Government last week announced that it has placed plans to accelerate the release of land in Catherine Field on exhibition and has called for public comment.

The draft planning agreement, to release 300 hectares of land, would allow for a possible 3,000 lot subdivision and associated infrastructure in the South West Growth Centre.

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ICAC releases report examining the NSW planning system

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) yesterday released its report examining the NSW planning system, titled 'The Exercise of Discretion Under Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the State Environmental Planning Policy (Major Development) 2005'.

The Part 3A assessment system commenced in 2005 and consolidated the different assessment and approval regimes for 'major' projects in NSW determined by the Minister for Planning that are of 'regional or state significance'.

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Assessment underway for Channel 9 site at Willoughby

The NSW Government today said that the planning assessment process is underway for the proposed $206 million redevelopment of the Channel 9 site at Willoughby, with community and stakeholder feedback to be sought before any final decision is made.

PBL Media Pty Ltd is proposing a residential development on the site that would include a gross floor area of 66,000 square metres (66,000 sqm for residential and 600 sqm for retail) and include approximately 663 dwellings in addition to car parking and communal and public open space.

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NSW Government approves rezoning for Kings Hill development

THE NSW Government has rezoned land north of Raymond Terrace, in an area known as Kings Hill, to allow for a new town centre, community facilities and up to 4,500 new dwellings to be constructed over the next 25 years.

The approval of the Port Stephens Local Environmental Plan (Kings Hill North Raymond Terrace) 2010 was announced by Planning Minister Tony Kelly yesterday. When complete, the development will potentially accommodate as many as 11,000 residents.

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Coogee Bay Hotel redevelopment fails to win support from NSW Government Architect

AN expert review conducted by the NSW Government Architect has found that proposals for the redevelopment of the Coogee Bay Hotel are excessive in terms of height, bulk and scale and should not be supported in their current form.

The review, commissioned by the NSW Department of Planning in August this year, recommended that any future development of the site should be 3-4 storeys along Coogee Bay Rd and Arden St and up to 5 storeys in the south-western part of the site.

The existing heritage-listed hotel and beer garden should also be retained, the review found.

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$96m development approved for Central Park site in Sydney

A PROPOSAL for a $96 million development consisting of two residential buildings on the former Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) site in inner-Sydney, now known as the Central Park site, has been approved by the NSW Government.

The proposal, submitted by Frasers Broadway Pty Ltd, was assessed by the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) because a reportable political donation was notified in conjunction with the proposal.

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NSW Government approves concept plan for $416m residential development in Tweed Shire

A CONCEPT plan proposing a $416 million residential development in the Tweed Shire and providing 5,500 new dwellings has been approved by the NSW Government this week.

Planning Minister Tony Kelly said the plan for Cobaki Estate will conserve almost 200 hectares of land and potentially accommodate up to 12,000 people over the next twenty years, accounting for approximately 30 per cent of the Far North Coast Regional Strategy housing target.

"This project will provide much-needed additional housing in a fast-growing region located near the NSW and Queensland border and close to Gold Coast Airport," Mr Kelly said.

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NSW Government announces changes to NSW Housing Code

THE NSW Government last week expanded the categories of low impact development that qualify for a 10-day approval under the NSW Housing Code.

The government said the changes will result in time and cost savings for home owners and were shaped with the help of community and industry stakeholders.

The changes mean that new dwelling houses, attic conversions, extensions, basements, garages, carports and rear lane developments will be approved by accredited certifiers rather than via a full development application, provided they meet design criteria.

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$197m residential development approved at Rhodes

THE NSW Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) has approved a $197 million residential complex on part of the former Allied Feeds site at Rhodes, following an assessment undertaken by Canada Bay City Council.

The Department of Planning's Director-General delegated his assessment function to Canada Bay City Council for the proposal, which was assessed as a major project under Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act.

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Tillegra Dam proposal refused by NSW Government

THE NSW Government has refused the planning application for the proposed Tillegra Dam near Dungog. The decision not to approve the application was made by Planning Minister, Tony Kelly, on advice from the Department of Planning, following a 14-month assessment process and "unprecedented technical and environmental scrutiny."

The project was assessed under the critical infrastructure provisions within Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. The assessment included a community consultation process, where more than 2,600 submissions were received from the public, of which 97 per cent were in opposition to the dam.

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Major $154m Warnervale development declared a 'major project'

THE NSW Department of Planning will assess plans for a $154 million retail, commercial and leisure development within the proposed Warnervale Town Centre, following its declaration as a major project.

Planning Minister Tony Kelly said Fabcot Pty Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of Woolworths, proposes to build a 46,000 square metre facility on land at the corner of Nikko and Hakone Roads, adjacent to the proposed North Warnervale Station.

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New City of Sydney LEP gets state approval for public exhibition

NSW Planning Minister Tony Kelly this week announced that the Department of Planning has approved the City of Sydney's request to publicly exhibit its draft Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2010.

The planning framework aims to guide future development within the City of Sydney local government area.

"The draft plan will update the city's planning controls which, in some instances are more than a decade old," Mr Kelly said.

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NSW Department of Planning releases Position Statement on Planning for Active Living

ACKNOWLEDGING the relevance of planning to active living because of its role in "shaping the built environment which influences the opportunities for people to be physically active", the NSW Department of Planning this week released a position statement on planning for active living.

The Department's position statement aims to support active living through three objectives and messages: (1) more people more active more often; (2) health and active children; and (3) be more active, choose healthier food and drink.

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