New CRC to investigate ways to use and reuse Australia's water resources

A NEW Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) will work with more than 70 research, industry and government partners to find new and better ways to use and reuse Australia's water resources.

Officially launching the CRC in Melbourne last week, Senator Don Farrell, Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and Urban Water, said its research will focus on modelling and analysing society's behaviour in relation to water usage.

According to Mr Farrell, the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities collaboration will look to revolutionise urban water management in Australia and overseas.

"The CRC for Water Sensitive Cities will develop tools and resources to improve urban planning and design and construction processes as well as wastewater management," Mr Farrell said.

"It will introduce innovative technologies to better manage urban waterways and minimise the risk of flooding, minimise carbon footprints and maximise the value of urban water services."

Federal Science and Research Minister, Chris Evans, said the Australian Government is committed to ensuring water is used more efficiently by adopting sustainable water management practices that better balance the water needs of communities.

"This CRC will work with a range of government and private stakeholders to make our towns and cities more sustainable through technology and the use of more water sensitive urban design," Mr Evans said.

"It will also look for socio-technical solutions, education and training programs that will foster a water sensitive approach in everyday life."

Mr Evans said the CRC's research is expected to ensure planning, design and construction of urbanised landscapes are more sensitive to natural water cycles, reduce water usage, improve ecosystems, enhance wastewater treatment and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

"The CRC program is a vital element of the Australian Government's commitment to collaboration for innovation," he said.

The CRC will receive $30 million in Australian Government funding until 30 June 2021, and is supported by higher education institutions, government and non-government organisations, water utilities and the private sector that are contributing a further $89 million.

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