Australian Government launches National Infrastructure Construction Schedule

THE Australian Government said it has taken another major step towards creating a transparent, competitive and truly national infrastructure market with last week's launch of the National Infrastructure Construction Schedule (NICS).

For the first time, the details on every economic and social project valued at $50 million or more being planned or delivered by the three tiers of government around the country will be available through NICS.

"This new web-based tool removes a major impediment to the proper functioning of the market, namely a lack of comprehensive, complete and accessible information about the projects pending as well as those coming down the pipeline," said Federal Infrastructure and Transport Minister Anthony Albanese.

"Previously, those interested in financing or building infrastructure had to rely on 'word of mouth' or scour countless websites and newspapers to find what was available, a process which inevitably advantaged larger investors and the big construction companies."

The Minister said NICS levels the playing field, providing everyone with access to the same information about both the immediate and longer term opportunities which exist in Australia. He said this would increase competition within the sector.

The National Infrastructure Construction Schedule (NICS) is available at <>.

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