Draft City and Gateway Urban Design Framework released by ACT Government and National Capital Authority

ACT Minister for Planning and Land Management Mick Gentleman and National Capital Authority (NCA) CEO Sally Barnes last week launched the draft City and Gateway Urban Design Framework, which outlines a shared view on the future development of the Northbourne Avenue corridor.

"The draft Framework proposes to bring together the dual planning controls of the ACT Government and the NCA to plan for the right balance of development that encourages growth through densification while enhancing the open space and the landscape for which Canberra is well known," Mr Gentleman said.

Draft City and Gateway Draft Urban Design Framework

"Community engagement on this draft Framework provides the community with the opportunity to participate in a conversation that sets the tone, quality and future character of Australia's capital city. As travellers cross the border and move from the bush to the city, they will experience our vision for the future; one of a city that respects environmental values and celebrates our national character.

"The ACT Government and NCA have already worked closely on the development of light rail along Northbourne Avenue, ensuring the project revitalises the city, improves transport options and delivers a vision that is consistent with the National Capital Plan and Griffin legacy."

The draft Framework is designed to guide future planning controls, development and urban renewal along the gateway corridor into the city centre, to enable more people to live and work close to sustainable transport options, services and infrastructure while preserving the best of the bush capital.

"The Federal Highway and Northbourne Avenue corridor forms a key approach route to the city centre," Ms Barnes said.

"When arriving in Canberra it's important that the traveller is immediately aware of the special symbolic and function significance of the National Capital. As our nation's capital continues to grow and prosper, it's essential to plan for the future and guide this momentum."

More information about the draft City and Gateway Draft Urban Design Framework is available from the ACT Government's 'Your Say' website at <https://yoursay.act.gov.au/city-and-gateway-draft-urban-design-framework>.

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